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Tower Light CHLT 4000
Description CHLT4000-
Engine Vertical, air cooled, four stroke
Make/Model HD 188F
Cooling AIR
Output Rated 7.3(10)/ 3000 RPM
Revolution (RPM) 3000
Fuel Capacity (L) 30
Continuous Run Time 15 Hours
Number of Cylinder 1
Displacement (cu,in) 0,418
Engine Shutdown Protection Low Oil Pressure
Make /Model Brush FTS-6KVA
Output 6 kVA
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage Output 230 V
Insulation F
Type Of Bearing/ Brush Single/ Brush Self Excitation
Available Receptacles 230 V /24.5A
Lighting Metal Halide, 1000 W
Type Of Lamp Metal Halide Lamp
Lamp No. 4x 1000 W
Housing Materials Galvanization Reflector Housing
Mast Tower
Type Multi- Sections Telescoping mast 6 M
Total Height 6M Can be Rotated 360 Degree
Operate for Extends Hand Operated winch with safety brake
Trailer/ Cabin With the Manual Outriggers
Extended and all Jack Down
Wheel and Rim 185R/14 “
Trailer Suspension System Steel Plate Spring
Towing Type Ring or Ball Hitch
Cabin With two doors access for
Easy maintenance with
hanger for handling
Detachable Roof
Electric- Shutdown Protection
Electric MCCB - MCB Emergency Stop IP 56
Control Module High Water Temperature and
  Over Speed Protection
Weight 480 Kg
Dimension for Shipping 1800 x 1150 x 1180 mm

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